Hi☆This is Aya's room♪


Good evening, everyone

I was just coming back from having dinner with my guyYeaterday, I wrote down today's thing, I lost him笑I mean he isn't selfish, but when he accumirates his stress, he becomes like a childI can understand him, so it's OK

For Mark's classmates
What did you do today?? I have heard that next week, we have a test. Is it correct
Good evening

Today, I had part-time job in Prio Palace
In my surprise, it was first time to go there in this year, so many collegues speaked to me, 'Long time no see!'I was happy
Actually, I would like to quit this job, at least by MarchBecause I am going to start finding my job in Tokyo. I found it difficult for me to keep working there

Oh, my guy was immature to me todayHe did againHe said he wanted to eat out in Sushithe day after today, not the other day!!
How can I do for him?Tomorrow will be the busiest day for meI can't afford to take time with him
I hope we definately decide what we will do tomorrow
I am sorry, I couldn't keep a diary for two days...You know, I am a "Lazy person"

I am going to have my presentations next week. Oh, I am afraid how well I can do themI have already decided the thems. One of them is "About New Zealand"I had great experiences thereWhy don't you go thereI am sure you will get precious things

Today, My guy was sooooooooo nasty to meI was nearly cried, but OK, nowI got accustomed to his doing like that, however, I felt sad sometimes.....
Good evening
I haven't written my blog for a long time.....Actually I am kind of lazy person

At that time, I am busy for my presentations! What can I do for them??
But I have to prepare with EikenI don't want to fail again

From now on, I try to keep a diary every day