Hi☆This is Aya's room♪


Good morning, everyone

My weekend was pretty busy, on Saturday, I taught English for my student who is a high school student and then, I went to the wedding place to be a receptionist. I like both of my part-time job because I am fond of meeting many people!

On Sunday, I taught the other student English. The student and former student who taught on Saturday are sisters! I enjoyed sharing the time with them.
After that, I met my guy and have dinner with him

I will have final-interview on Thursday............... Good luck to me
Wow! I haven't written my blog soooooooooo longSorry for my friends!!

I am pretty busy for hunting my job..... but actually, I am enjoying it nowI think I can enjoy at last.

I have many things which I wanna do when I finish job-hunting.

Can you guess? I am not writing about what I wanna do now!

I am planning to go to the spring with my guy